Nippii® Freezable Teething Pacifier
Nippii® Freezable Teething Pacifier
Nippii® Freezable Teething Pacifier
Nippii® Freezable Teething Pacifier
Nippii® Freezable Teething Pacifier
Nippii® Freezable Teething Pacifier
Nippii® Freezable Teething Pacifier
Nippii® Freezable Teething Pacifier
Nippii® Freezable Teething Pacifier
Nippii® Freezable Teething Pacifier
Nippii® Freezable Teething Pacifier

Nippii® Freezable Teething Pacifier

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Nippii is the world's first freezable pacifier made to provide soothing care for teething babies. It is designed specifically not to over-cool delicate baby tissues, and the soft, rounded nipple provides babies with a familiar shape that mimics mom's breast while providing concentrated relief for sore gums. Just fill the chamber with water and pop it in the fridge or freezer!

"The recommended intervention for teething is the use of COLD items because the the cold acts as an anesthetic for the gums."

— American Academy of Pediatrics

2-in-1 Pacifier and Teether
With the multi-tactile teething surfaces of the bumps and raised ridges, paired with the ultra soft nipple for soothing, Nippii is a no- brainer! What a great gift for baby showers.

Cooling Effect Lasts Up to 40 Minutes, Even After Ice Melts
CoolTransfer technology cools baby's gums, not his face or hands, with strategically placed variable wall thicknesses. Fill with water and pop it in the freezer for the ultimate cooling effect. Try it frozen solid or frozen slushy. 

Leak-Free Design
One solid piece silicone construction, made with strategically placed variable wall thicknesses, and double brim watertight cap so baby can't open the lid, but mom can.

Dishwasher Safe
Easy to clean and sanitize. Top rack dishwasher safe or boil it in water on the stove top. Thick and durable.  Made to Last.

Hospital Grade Silicone
No BPA, No Latex, No DEHP, No Phthlates, No Lead,  No PVC, No Toxic liquids, Exceeds CPSC, ASTM and CPSIA Regulations. This is a 3rd party lab tested and approved pacifier.

One Piece Silicone Construction (100% of Pacifier is Silicone)
No plastic parts that can break off and be choked on, no paint, no issues, nothing but 100% silicone, you’re going to love it.

Try It Warm!
Put warm water from the tap in the pacifier chamber to simulate a real breast, when cold is not doing the trick.

No Choking Hazards 
Sized and shaped for babies' mouths 0-9 months of age. The engineered binky guard won't allow pacifier to be swallowed. 

Intelligent Design
Designed to not over-cool baby's delicate tissues and yet give them the teething relief they need, and give you the peace and quiet you’re hoping for.

It's so easy to use:
Step 1. Fill the teething pacifier with water.
Step 2. Put it in the freezer or refrigerator. See Care and Use.
Step 3. Give pacifier to teething baby.

    Safe and intuitive

    • Multiple textures to soothe baby's sore gums
    • One-piece silicone construction
    • Hospital grade silicone
    • Three large breathing holes for sensitive skin
    • One-piece hygienic design helps avoid dirt and bacteria from collecting
    • Leak free design
    • Fragrance free

    Designed with your baby in mind

    • Made to comfortably fit baby's face
    • Nipple size and shape is familiar to babies
    • Durable and easy to clean
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Perfect size for baby's hands
    • Works with most pacifier clips
    • Try It warm!

    Natural Materials

    Natural, Non Toxic and safe materials. No lead, No Nitrosamines, No BPA, No Latex, No DEHP, No PVC, And Phthalate Free. 100% Medical Grade Silicone. Both CPSC, US CPSIA compliant. No chemical softeners used. Flexible with no artificial coloring added. Each batch is 3rd party tested, made with health, comfort and durability in mind. Because of their natural quality, should be replaced every 6 to 8 weeks.

    Safer By Design

    Conforms to pacifier-safety requirements as determined by CPSIA.  All nipples can wear out with normal use over time. To prevent a possible choking hazard, before each use test strength by pulling on nipple portion firmly. Replace immediately if nipple is enlarged or if any signs of cracks, tears, stickiness or excessive wear appear. Just like toothbrushes, pacifiers should be replaced every six to eight weeks. 

    Why Nippii

    Nippii’s one-piece construction is specially sized and shaped for baby's mouth and adheres to the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines. This means it’s extremely hygienic with no joints or cracks where germs and bacteria can accumulate, and it’s easy to wash by hand with just mild soap and warm water. Our soothing design feels good on baby’s gums. It’s comfortable soft nipple gently mimics breastfeeding for natural palette development.

    Our innovative and unique water chamber allows the pacifier to be filled with water and frozen or chilled in the refrigerator. While the Cool transfer-technology allows baby to feel the cooling effect on gums and teeth without over cooling babies gums, cheeks, face, and hands by allowing only nipple area coolness to pass through to infant’s gums and teeth buds. The soft silicone is designed to have thick walls where its supposed to and thin walls where it shouldn’t. Additionally our multi-teething texture surfaces “Rings and Bumps” allow teething surfaces for developing babies and soothing care.

    Our durable, taste-free silicone is more familiar and likely for your baby to accept. The silicone nipple is strong and resists becoming sticky, discolored, misshapen. Nipple is tear resistant and ready to use after boiling. 3 large holes in the pacifier shield allow for extra air flow, ideal for babies with sensitive skin. Recommended age for babies 3 to 9 months, but is safe and works perfectly for newborns, infants, and toddlers without teeth. Additionally it attaches to most pacifier clips.  

    Easy To Sterilize

    Follow the complete instructions in our care and use section of our website. Keeping your little one's Nippii pacifier clean is easy. Simply put them in your sterilizer, or boil it for 5 minutes, or place on the top rack in the dishwasher before first use. Wash with mild soap and warm water daily. See When To Toss section for additional information.

    When To Toss

    Inspect carefully before each use, especially If the child has teeth. Pull the pacifier in all directions. Throw away at the first signs of damage or weakness. We recommend replacing the pacifier after 6-8 weeks for safety and hygiene reasons. Before first use, follow instructions on the care and use section of our website.

    Clean pacifier, dummy, binky before each use. Do not use if the child can place the entire pacifier in his or her mouth. As your baby gets older, the possibility of the whole pacifier fitting in the mouth increases. Do not leave child unattended with a pacifier. This product is not a toy. Do not tie pacifier around child's neck as it presents a strangulation danger. Like all traditional pacifiers, the pacifier side should be sucked on, not bit. If you see a child biting on that side, instruct the child to use the teether and shield instead. 

    Safety Last

    Safety will be your last concern with our pacifier. For your child's safety, always follow age guidelines accordingly of course. For your child's safety: Do not tie pacifier around child's neck as it presents a strangulation danger. In the event the pacifier becomes lodged in the mouth, do not panic; it cannot be swallowed and is designed to cope with such an event. Remove from the mouth with care, as gently as possible. Always use this product under adult supervision.


    We hope you and your baby love our products. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase please contact us and we’ll be happy to make things right.

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